James LaTrobe - Photography

the Luminous veil

Galleries of picks from the photography I have been doing for the last six years. The most recent (hopefully the best) at the top. I love hunting the ordinary world with my camera, trying to capture object, light, perspective and relationship in an image that may reveal something extraordinary.

Cheltenham Badlands

About the Photographer

Mount Wellington

Tasmania: Three weeks in the Antipodes. Galleries of a recent trip.


Some Time in Newfoundland: An eight gallery photo log of my journey around Newfoundland.

Ben Lomond

Australia Prime: a gallery of my favourite images taken in Australia

blacksmith Shop

A Month in Australia: A ten gallery photo log of my journey around Australia, featuring Sydney and Tasmania


November 2012, Ninth Gallery

Portrait of Jason

October 2012, A gallery of formal or casual portraits I've taken recently. New galleries like this now run on iPads and mobile.

Morning Glory

May 2012, Eighth Gallery

St James Tombstone

January 2012, Seventh Gallery

blurb book2

January 2012, Solitary Light, a portfolio book of 81 of my favouite photos from my last 25,000 digital exposures.

King Tree Fantasy

August 2011, Sixth Gallery

blurb book2

May 2011, Not For This Century, The Last Record of a 19th Century Farmhouse, link to another book I published with an online service.

silo interior

April 2011, Fifth Gallery

blurb book1

A Landscape for Living, Photos of an Ecovillage, link to the first book I published with an online service.

water treatment

November 2010, Fourth Month

Bruce Trail

October 2010, Third Month

Ferry Docks

September 2010, Second Month


August 2010, First Month

Horse Eye

May 2010, The Town and the Country

Giclee prints available from above galleries with or without simple framing. Please phone James LaTrobe at 416-885-9957.