A Month in Australia

button grass

Galleries of picks from the photography I completed in Australia in February / January of 2013. I was fortunate to spend time in Sydney and environs, then one day in Melbourne, then time in Tasmania, including a three day Bush Walk. My thanks to all my relatives who made all this a very rich experience.


Sydney: A beautiful city built around water.

Tree Fern

Sydney, Ex Urbanis: Day trips outside the city.


Terrigal Sandstone - At low tide, I discover some amazing sights in weathered sandstone.

palm trees

A Day in Melbourne: On the banks of the Yarra River.

Bush Walk

Bush Walk Tasmania: My cousin Lou takes me into the Ducane Mountain Range of the Cradle Mountain / Lake St. Clair National Park.


Tasmania, Out and About: Scenes from my travels around the island.


Launceston And Hobart: Tasmania's two largest cities.

Tropical Center

Gothic Australia: A few oddities and self-indulgences.

Bec with joey

Mammals, Mostly Marsupial: Echidna, Platypus, Wombats, Wallabys, Koalas and some feathered additions.

Cousin Wayne

My Australian Family: The wonderful people who made my trip such a pleasure.