Tasmania: Three Weeks in the Antipodes

Mount Wellington

Galleries of picks from my photo journal of Tasmania over three weeks in December 2014 / January 2015. I love this island. Thanks to my Tassie cousins and friends.


The Land: Spectacular wilderness with temperate rainforests, eucalypt forest, alpine heathlands, moorlands, mountains, plateaus, and unique flora and fauna.

fishing boats

Boats, 5400 km of coastline, lotsa boats!!


Mammals, mostly Marsupials

cushion grass

Bush Walk, Skullbone Plains (more or less)


Rescue: Carers are people who rescue wildlife, frequently baby marsupials stranded in the pouch of their mother, killed on the road.

shopping mall

People, Cities, Homes: A quick taste of the Tassie lifestyle as I experienced it.