Some Youtube Favourites

Since Youtube came out, I've had a blast looking up old favourite bands and enjoying the wealth of performances available.

It's been a rediscovery of much of the music that's given me so much pleasure over the years.

Here are a few of my favourites, mostly classic rock but with a few new artists. Hope you enjoy my selections.

Names take you to the Youtube performance.

Other Suggestions: Morphine - Buena,
Richard Thompson - Genesis Hall,
Miles Davis Quintet - So What,
Jerry Lee Lewis - Whole Lotta Shakin,
Baaba Maal - Gorel.

harpoShake Your Hips Some skinny little Japanese guys have a great time with this old Slim Harpo number. Better than the Rolling Stones version (they look like they're on sedatives).

xavier Xavier Rudd - Fortune Teller Aussie surfer, one-man band, dijeridoo, Awesome! Try also Black Water and Conceal Me. On some numbers he uses a slide Dobro.

neilYoung Neil Young, CSNY - Down by the River (1969) One of Neil's great songs - they all look so young! Please note the incredible discipline I have displayed in only listing two Neil Young performances here!

Screamin Jay Hawkins - I Put a Spell on You Screamin Jay does his classic song. His earlier filmed version (60's?) here is just as cool. Some people (well, some white people) probably took his voodoo act seriously in the 50s. Awesome song, great voice, a performance that predated a lot of later shock rock. He is reputed to have sired 60 to 70 children (that spell!!), don't know if the gene pool needed this much Hawkins.


Bjork - All is Full of Love My favourite "girl robots kissing" video. Very beautiful.

lhasaLhasa - Con Toda Palabra A great, sensual song and haunting video from Canadian (American? Mexican? French?) singer Lhasa.

richards Keith Richards - Struggle Poor video quality but great rock from Keith, who needs Mick? People joke about him looking so wrecked. Burners like this don't come from failures.

nyoung Neil Young and Crazy Horse - Hey Hey My My It doesn't get any more simple or raw than this. A great riff. Notice how the Japanese audience is loving the show. Neil doesn't look so young here. Ecstasy is often found at the edge of chaos. Hey Hey, My My, RocknRoll will never die.

Tom Waits - Chocolate Jesus This man is unique. Inimitable. Why would you and how could you?

David Crosby CPR - Deja Vu Crosby, of the Byrds and Crosby Stills Nash (see above), performs his classic. This man survived decades of drug abuse and health problems and then rebuilt his life. I love his gesture to his son (the pianist) at 6:18.