vinyl record

vinyl love

hey woman i’m a vinyl man
black vinyl
spinning at 45 rpm
sometimes slowing down to
33 and a third
i ain’t no digital jazz
i ain’t no compact classical
i don’t come in no country n western jewel case
i’m strictly analog rock n roll
all the way
stereophonic – playable mono
playable any way you want me
so bring your santana up close
beside my king crimson
come and try the jamie latrobe experience
i got a surrealistic pillow
and the strawberry alarm clock
and the velvet underground
in a purple haze
and its all waiting for you
on the magic bus
on the dark side of the moon
in the sunshine of your love
i wanna quicksilver messenger
service you
i wanna slide my led zeppelin
into you
i wanna send my mick jagger
to the bottom of your
tina turner
we’re gonna do the blue oyster cult
and then some pink floyd
work on our night moves
and finish up with the
deep purple
cause i’m your midnight rambler
your mr tambourine man
i’m your creedence clearwater revival
and you’re my honky tonk woman
my procal harum
my mother of invention
we’re gonna get some satisfaction
cause we’re born to be wild
to twist and shout
to rock n roll
to climb the stairway
to heaven