Tom's welding

The Rapture

High over the desert

up in the empty blue

a single contrail

F14 out of Edwards

down below the highway lies prostrate in the heat

Interstate 90

straight-line for Albuquerque

one lone car

heading anywhere….




Natural born killers looking for a thrill

zen poets

on the road

Bonnie and Clyde

Thelma and Louise

Jack and Neil

Captain America and Billy

Sailor and Lula

Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters


Out on Highway 61

the Ohio Turnpike

Route 66


the Santa Barbara Freeway

hit the coast then turn around

and head back to the other one

throw away your watch

pull into an Amoco to

buy food and gas and take a shit

sleep and screw in the car

you know you’re half way

when you cross the Mississippi

if you have to

if you want to

rob beg deal kill

just keep going


driving past the cornfields

the factories

the mountains

the small towns

Checotah, Oklahoma

Rawling, Tennessee

Irondale, Missouri

Pine Cliffs, Wyoming

driving past the stranded lives

the tailored passions


misfit or mystic

outlaw or knight errant

behind you lies the dark labyrinth of the American dream

ahead the highway stretches away to the vanishing point

ahead wait a thousand squalid endings

but for the moment

there is the driver’s shirt sleeve flapping

in the open window

and the rapture.