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The Most Curious Thing

The story is
I was born by lamplight
with only my grandfather
to assist my mother.
That’s what they tell me.
And I’m told
I was a happy child,
although I honestly don’t remember.
I have photos of myself
in a scout uniform
with a group of grinning boys
but the faces I don’t recognize and
I barely know my own.
I think that was me
a long time ago
that left high school
and got a job.
The first time a woman
opened her legs for me,
I was amazed that
what was happening to
everyone else seemed to be
happening to me too.
It wasn’t quite real the
day I stood beside a bride
and stumbled through marriage vows,
and I didn’t know what to think
when she moved out nine years later.
When my son was born
I was speechless.
And now he is as tall as me
and I’m sure he's my son
but I’m not always sure
I’m his father.
I have to keep reminding myself
that I lived in England and India.
Those places seem like the
moon to me now.
I couldn’t believe it
when my Father died,
and then my Mother died
and I couldn’t believe that either.
Everyone seems busy
living their life,
but it all seems odd to me.
My hair is going grey
just like everyone else’s
and I suppose that means
I’m going to die
like everyone else.
I’m sure this is my life,
it just all seems like a dream sometimes.
Life is the most
curious thing
that’s ever happened to me.