Sae Kimura

As a young child I loved sketching things and painting. As I got older I knew that I needed to go to school and learn my favorite hobby. I entered into an art college in Japan where I learned the technique of sketching, water color painting.

When I finished my art course, I decided to go to Sweden to study weaving and dyeing for two years. While in Sweden I got to appreciate the vastness of the world and the interesting things in it, I felt very enriched with the knowledge that I acquired while away from home.

I returned to Japan I started painting, drawing, sewing, dyeing, teaching children to draw and making children books. I applied to various illustration competitions, also self and group exhibited my art.

To get money for my supplies I worked in many jobs and ended up staying in Japan for four years, which gave me a chance to save money and try to explore other countries. After four years I applied for a working holiday visa for Canada, as I wanted to see how my art would be received in a foreign country.

I love making people happy and I try to draw and reflect the happy feelings that I have and love to share my painting with young and old alike and wish that they make them feel happy.