Marija Tataryn

I have been drawing/painting since my teens.

When 20 I moved to London Ont. and studied at Fanshawe College, the required foundation arts program and then an environmental arts course. That was alot of fun.

Years later in Toronto I was accepted into the fine arts program at York University. The 3 hour travel time strongly encouraged me to switch over to U of T where I recieved my BFA degree.

These pieces in the gallery are small acrylics on canvas which I cut and mount onto a white board/frame. Most of this series is from my time on the Leslie Spit, Don River system, the Humber River and bay area and scenes from along the lake front. They are simplified, almost absrtacted expressions of the beauty there. Sometimes that is pretty stark.

I hope you enjoy them.

Toronto's diversity includes some lovely green space. Part of why I love this city is that I can cycle and hike in nature. Depending on the season/weather alone time is there for the taking and the wildlife a wonderful gift.

Let's hope all of it is protected into our futures.

Marija Tataryn

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